Yalova University Cyber ​​Security Application and Research Center organized an online seminar on "Cyberbullying and Malware" within the scope of "Cyber ​​Security Awareness Month", which is evaluated with various activities in October every year.

The "Cyber ​​Bullying and Malware" seminar, which was held with the participation of Yalova University academic and administrative staff, was conducted by Cyber ​​Security Application and Research Center Director and Computer Engineering Department Lecturer Prof. Dr Murat Gök who also made the opening speech of the seminar. Starting his speech by stating that they organized a seminar to raise awareness of cyber security in October this year, as every year, Prof. Dr. Murat Gök said, “We are all part of the cyber network in some way. However, there is malicious software on this network and there are many problematic situations that can happen to us. First of all, we should be aware of them so that we can take precautions. Because the attacks reached surprising levels. It is estimated that by the end of 2021, cyber attacks will cause 6 trillion dollars of damage. By 2025, these attacks are expected to exceed $10 trillion. For this reason, we need to be prepared and pay attention to our cyber security,” he said.

"Cyberbullying and Malware" seminar, Prof. Dr. After the opening speech of Murat Gök, Computer Engineering Department continued with the presentations of Academic Staff Research Assistants Emre Sadıkoğlu and Emine Cengiz. Speaking first, Research Assistant Emre Sadıkoğlu informed the participants about the types of malware and the threats they cause with his presentation titled "Malware and Cyber Threats". Speaking later, Research Assistant Emine Cengiz defined cyberbullying with her study on “Cyberbullying” and listed the precautions to be taken. After the presentations, the seminar ended with the answers to the questions of the participants.


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