Yalova University Rector Prof. Dr. Suat Cebeci visited Genç Ofis (Youth Office), which started its activities in Yalova University Central Campus, with Yalova KYK, Provincial Director of Youth Services and Sports Mehmet Kalyon and answered the questions of the students.

In order to support the cultural, artistic and sports activities of the students, with the participation of the Minister of Youth and Sports Dr. Mehmet Kasapoğlu, Genç Ofis was established with the protocol signed between Yalova University Rector Prof. Dr. Suat Cebeci and Yalova KYK, Youth Services and Sports Provincial Director Mehmet Kalyon on 22 August 2020 and started its activities at Yalova University.

Working as the representatives of Youth Centers affiliated to the Ministry of Youth and Sports within the university campuses, Genç Ofis welcomes hundreds of students every day and provides training on various subjects from diction to calligraphy, from foreign languages ​​to theatre. In addition, special education programs or courses can be started in the fields requested by the students.

Yalova University Rector Prof. Dr. Suat Cebeci visited the Youth Services and Sports Provincial Director of Yalova KYK, Mehmet Kalyon, and received information from the employees, evaluated the building, and met with the students. Giving advice to the students at the beginning of his speech, Prof. Dr. Suat Cebeci, also answered their questions.

'Now or Never'

Starting his speech by expressing that he missed the students he had been separated from due to the one-and-a-half year break due to the coronavirus epidemic, Prof. Dr. Suat Cebeci underlined that they made the most efficient use of this break and that the work will continue non-stop to further develop Yalova University.

Yalova University Rector Prof. Dr. Suat Cebeci asked the students to make efficient use of their university years: 'Dear young people, make good use of these years. Evaluate all the opportunities provided by the school, ask for support from us when the opportunities are insufficient; Education is your gaining value, your gaining competence. When you graduate, you should graduate not only by gaining knowledge, but also by developing many skills and gaining many skills. You are the youngest, dynamic and fit minds of the society, you need to use this capacity to produce for the society. These places were built to provide opportunities for these activities by considering the activities that you will do with the aim of educating yourself.
'Student Life Center'

He also gave information about the construction of the Mosque, which was made with donations from Yalova University Central Campus and Yalova University Development Association. Stating that an area of 1000 square meters under the mosque will be reserved for the activities of the clubs, Prof. Dr. Suat Cebeci said that students will have the opportunity to carry out all kinds of cultural and artistic activities in that area. ‘This is exactly why we call it the student life centre; make sense of your life here, live here; He explained the reason why this center is called “Student Life Center” with the words “work, have fun and improve yourself.”

'I am proud of Yalova University Students'

Yalova University Rector Prof. Dr. Suat Cebeci; ‘Use every moment of these years very well to graduate as self-confident, equipped and strong people. You are the future of the country, you are the brains of this society, know your own potential any feeling this responsibility. Our young people have the capacity to do anything, and I trust my students, our student body is very smooth. We have a responsible student structure, and I am proud of that.' He finished his speech by saying.

After his speech, our Rector Prof. Dr. Suat Cebeci took care of the students' requests individually and left the Genç Ofis after the photo shoot.


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