91 students studying at Yalova University, who were not vaccinated or requiring the second dose, were vaccinated against Covid-19 at the stand set up in the Central Canteen between 5-20 October.

Within the scope of the joint work of the Provincial Health Directorate and Yalova University Health, Culture and Sports Department Medico Social Health Center, a vaccine stand was set up at the Student Life Center in Yalova University Central Campus between October 5th and 20th. In total, Biontech or Sinovac vaccines were administered according to the preferences of 91 learners.

Medico Social Health Center Doctor Metin Sabuncu, who emphasized that the persuasion efforts of both the Provincial Health Directorate staff and Medico Social Health Center staff played a major role in the increase in the vaccination numbers, said that our students who have hesitations about the vaccine, want to get information, and are worried about the side effects of Yalova University Medico Social Health Center. He stated that they can get support from the Center.

Dr. Sabuncu emphasized that the rate of vaccinated students in our university is very high with the effect of the vaccination requirement applied in sea buses and intercity transportation.

Announcing that vaccination will be carried out at the event to be held in the Central Canteen tomorrow as part of the Organ Donation Week, Medico Social Health Center Doctor Metin Sabuncu invited all our students who are not vaccinated against Covid-19 to the event

Tag: Our Students Are Getting Vaccinated Against Covid-19 on The Central Campus