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Yalova University, the gateway to science of Yalova province, which is the hidden paradise of the Marmara region with its magnificent nature surrounded by sea and forests, was established in 2008. Yalova University, which was established with the privilege of a state university in order to educate modern and well-equipped individuals and to entrust our future to trained manpower, continues its education and training activities at associate, undergraduate and graduate levels with the Institute of Graduate Education, 9 Faculties, 1 College and 5 Vocational Schools, and also carries out important studies that will contribute to the world of science with 15 Research and Application Centres. Yalova University, which has established innovative departments in the fields that our country needs primarily, continues to impress with its academic staff who are experts in their fields. 




Yalova University, which has signed strong collaborations with the aim of providing added value first to its region and country and then to the whole world, enriches its theoretical education with production activities with the protocols it has implemented in various fields. Although it is a very young institution, great progress has been made in a short time as a result of the efforts initiated to increase the attractiveness of our university, which has a great potential both locally and geographically. Protocols have been signed with a wide range of institutions from public institutions to important representatives of the business world, and business and power unions have been established. In addition, education and research activities are enriched day by day with the grants received from the most important project support institutions of our country. In addition to the goals determined as the strategic priorities of Yalova University; various projects are implemented in areas such as continuously strengthening the corporate identity of the university, supporting the staff in every subject with a 'lifelong learning' perspective, increasing the social, sports and technological opportunities offered to students, and strengthening the relations between the university and the business world. 

Faculties of our University








Vocational Schools and School of Foreign Languages






Student Life Center

The Student Life Center provides a comfortable environment for meeting all student needs on campus, including a central cafeteria, student clubs’ offices, a postal center, a bank branch, a hairdresser, a market, a stationery store, and social areas such as cafes.



Yalova University Library facilitates efficient education, teaching, and research by making information resources accessible to researchers. The library, with a seating capacity of 226, includes a computer room and three group study rooms. The two-story library building covers 1,654.70 m2 and features catalog search computers and automatic book lending and return stations for quality and fast service.


In our library, which provides 24/7 service to Yalova University students, academic and administrative staff and external users, the LC (Library of Congress) classification system is used. Our book collection consists of approximately 85,869 printed books and 470,322 electronic books. In the periodicals collection, there are approximately 322,726 electronic and printed sources. Apart from these, our library has 638 theses, 445 DVDs and 25 databases. In addition, information resources that are necessary for research and education studies, but not available in our library, can be provided to our users from other university libraries.

Accommodation Services

There is a male student dormitory with a capacity of approximately 250 people in Yalova city center and a male dormitory with a capacity of 1,100 people in Termal district. In addition, a girls' dormitory with a capacity of approximately 2,750 people is planned to serve in the new academic year opposite Yalova University Central Campus. There is also a girls' dormitory with a capacity of 240 people in Çınarcık. All of these dormitories are affiliated to the Ministry of Youth and Sports Credit Dormitories Institution.

Health Services

Yalova University Mediko-Social Center employs two specialist family physicians, a nurse, a psychologist, and a laboratory technician. The center offers outpatient examinations, injections, dressings, tests, and analysis services, as well as patient observation when necessary. It also provides psychological counseling and a smoking cessation clinic.


Nutritional Services

There are 5 student cafeterias in our campuses where meals are served in healthy environments supervised by food engineers for lunch and dinner. Additionally, there are 5 cafeterias available for students and staff. The university also offers a meal scholarship program for students. Students with scholarships eat their first meal of the day for free, and if they use their card a second time during the day, they pay a fee of 2 TL.


Student Clubs

In our university, a total of 112 student clubs are available including 106 cultural clubs and 6 sports clubs. Students can participate in all kinds of sports and sociocultural activities by joining the clubs of the fields they are interested in.



Cultural and Sports Areas

Located at Yalova University Central Campus, Mehmet Okul Congress and Culture Center, which has Yalova’s largest multi-purpose stage with 300m2 stage area, offers an ideal venue not only for academic events, but also for theater performances, concerts, and other cultural events. There are also 3 conference halls that serve for students’ sociocultural activities. These are 15th July Conference Hall with a capacity of 185 people, The Health, Culture and Sports Department Conference Hall with a capacity of 200 people and the Rectorate Conference Hall with a capacity of 130 people. In addition to these, 4 outdoor and 2 indoor sports fields serve as carpet fields, football, volleyball, tennis courts and fitness centres.



Part-Time Work Opportunity

Our students who want to gain experience and work in line with their interests and wishes while studying at our university can work as part-time students in administrative and academic units.