Mission,Vision and Values

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To be a university that prioritizes quality in teaching, education, research and social activities, has scientific and technological equipment, nurtures entrepreneurial individuals who are committed to ethical values, and contributes to social development.


To be a university that contributes to humanity's development with its unique activities in scientific, social, and artistic fields.

Core Values

Student centeredness: Yalova University continues its activities in accordance with the expectations and wishes of its students, which is the purpose of its existence.

Participation: Yalova University takes into account the opinions and suggestions of internal and external stakeholders in administrative and academic processes.

Respect and Love: Yalova University conducts its activities within a framework of respect and love, being sensitive to society and the environment.

Quality and Aesthetics: Yalova University tailors its products and services according to the tastes, needs, and expectations of its stakeholders.

Accuracy, Honesty and Transparency: Yalova University takes and implements its decisions regarding its activities in line with legislation, rules and regulations. It takes care to ensure that those who will be affected by these decisions have access to information and that this information is accessible and understandable.

Originality, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship: Yalova University supports the unique scientific projects and activities of its academic staff and students directed towards public-university-industry collaboration.

Scientific Approach: Yalova University carries out all its activities with a focus on learning, evaluating, and applying science.

Commitment to Ethical Values: Yalova University carries out its scientific studies within the boundaries of adherence to legal, scientific and ethical values.