Yalova University, which aims to educate individuals that are well-qualified and can integrate with the world, was established by being published in the Official Gazette dated 31 May 2008 and numbered 26892. The foundation of Yalova University is the Yalova Vocational High School of Uludağ University. On 22 January 1996, Yalova Higher Education Foundation was established due to the need for a university in Yalova, which became a province in 1995. On 19 February 2007, 'Yalova University Construction and Sustenance Association' was established. A result of university establishment efforts, Yalova University, a young and dynamic university in a new province, started its educational activities in 2008.

The education policy of Yalova University, which has a young and dynamic structure, is to open innovative departments in the fields that our country needs. Yalova University is a rapidly growing new university. Yalova University stands out among the newly established universities with its studies, achievements and differences and has become competitive with well-established universities in a short time. Our university aims to have pioneering, social and technical departments in the near future with its strong academic and experienced administrative staff, strong national and international relations and geographical advantage.